There are now multiple ways to get your MASS gear fix!  We have set up accounts with two online clothing and accessory printing companies; Cafe Press and Spreadshirt.  Below are links to both companies and examples of their items.  We also still have some of our original t-shirts, if you would like to know about the sizes and colors available please send a note to or ask a board member. 

Using these websites greatly expands the number and types of items that can be adorned with our logo.  Hopefully, you will find a style and color that you really like!  A little bit of the price of each item will go to MASS to help pay for our Meetup accounts, this webpage, picnic site fees, and other costs associated with keeping our awesome group connected and enjoying each other’s company!  Thanks for your support!

We set up an online shop with the company, the link here will take you directly to a MASS-only part of their website.  Here you can order MASS t-shirts, totes, mugs, etc. 

This website allows the individualization of one’s items in that you can change the size and location of the MASS logo to fit your personal taste.

A second place to order MASS gear is at  The way to find MASS items is to type “Secular Missoula” in the search bar (as below).  This will bring up a search item of a t-shirt and show you additional categories on the left.  To find totes and mugs and other non-clothing items scroll down the list on the left and click on the item category of interest.